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Oblivion Comics & Coffee is the new hotspot in Sacramento. We’ve created a place where anyone is welcome, whether or not you think you are a geek. In addition to selling comics and coffee, we also carry a variety of collector items. Our coffee distributor, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, understands coffee and represents the sweeter side of the coffee spectrum, but even more importantly, they are as much geeks for coffee as we are for comics.


Oblivion Comics & Coffee provides more than just comics and coffee. We want to create a geek culture in downtown Sacramento with a lot of other like-minded individuals. A place for geeks and non-geeks alike to congregate and rant about what excites them. Being in the heart of downtown Sacramento gives us the biggest opportunity to do that. Along with some absolutely awesome partners and sponsors, we’re excited to share our version of the DC Comic’s Oblivion Bar. Without them, we wouldn’t have existed in this dimension.