Drip Coffee
Espresso* (in-house only)
Macchiato* (in-house only)
White Mocha
Flat White
Hot Chocolate*
Chai Latte (topped with a geeky cinnamon design)
Kids Hot Chocolate*
Kids Fluffy


The Dark Sith
Drip coffee topped with espresso

Thunderer’s Brew*
Green tea steamed in soy milk drizzled with honey

The Payload*
Espresso with steamed milk served in a Gibraltar glass (in-house only)

A guilty waltz of black and white chocolate in steamed milk partnered with espresso (topped with a geeky powdered chocolate design)

Nitro Coffee
Chocolate Fish’s special brew, nitrogen infused, kegged and served in a chilled glass


Extra Espresso
Almond Milk
Soy Milk
Vanilla Syrup
Caramel Syrup
Caramel Sauce
Chocolate Sauce
White Chocolate Sauce


Divine Temple White Tea
Little Dragon Green Tea
Kandy Black Tea Organic Ceylon
Mango Apple Rooibos Tea


Water Bottle
Naked Juice

*Available hot only.


Thick slices of fresh bread from local baker Grateful Bread Company served with a base of Smart Balance® Original buttery spread (non-dairy) and hint of sea salt, plus various high-quality toppings.

Country french bread with a buttery spread and dusted with cinnamon and sugar from local spice shop The AllSpicery.

Buttered honey wheat bread slathered in creamy peanut butter with strawberry & blackberry preserves.
**Substitute country french bread as a vegan-friendly option.

The CMYK**
Buttered country french bread with sprinkles for just a bit of sweetness

The Oblivion
A swirl of strawberry and blackberry preserves over cream cheese on a slice of buttered sourdough bread.
**Non-dairy cream cheese available.

The Bang!
Peanut butter, Nutella, chocolate, and honey on buttered country french bread. Named after local podcast Videogame BANG!
**Not currently available as vegan-friendly.

Winter Is Coming
Buttered country french bread with a cool layer of cream cheese and covered in Oreo® cookies with a drizzle of chocolate.
**Non-dairy cream cheese available.

** Vegan-friendly option.