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• Merchandise we’ll be ordering. (example: mugs, tumblers, and specifically t-shirts so you can let us know what size you want.)

These newsletters will be sent out every Tuesday or Wednesday and you’ll have until the following Sunday at 7pm to respond (email/call/visit in-store) with your list of requests for that order. If you get back to us after that Sunday, we cannot guarantee those items will make it into your box.

Before adding anything to your subscription, please familiarize yourself with our Pickup Policy, which will be located at the bottom of each newsletter.

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  1. Keep you updated on what's coming out soon.
    We won't be able to list  everything, but we'll include titles of note based on what our customers are currently ordering/buying. (If we didn't include a title you may want, still contact us about adding it to your subscription.
  2. Give you the opportunity to add titles/individual issues to your list before we submit our final order.
    Once we send out our order, we can't guarantee we'll have enough copies/items to put in your box.

Why are we doing subscriptions this way? See the next section to learn how ordering works on our side.


Quantities are finalized and submitted a few weeks before release (usually). This due date is called a Final Order Cutoff (FOC). Our current quantity orders aren't quite keeping up with our growth, so we're hoping that, by sending a list of what's on our order form that week, you'll be able to tell us what you'd like before we submit our order. Requesting copies after the FOC date tends to cause shortages and we feel super guilty we can't provide the comics you request.

Why don't you just order extras for the shelf, then? We originally did but it's consistently led to too many overages and we're still trying to get rid of a bunch of comics. So in an attempt to avoid further shortages/overages, we're hoping this newsletter will give you a bit of time to let us know what you'd like us to order/hold for you.

Please feel free to send us any questions you may have.


By asking us to order/reserve comics/trade paperbacks (graphic novels)/merch for you, you are agreeing to purchase your reserved product every 2-3 weeks. We'll contact you if we haven't seen you to make arrangements for pickup. If you have not picked them up by an agreed date or within a week of our initial contact, or you've decide last minute not to purchase your requested items, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your subscription.

Communication is important so if you can't pick up your comics regularly, let us know and we see about making separate arrangements with you.

We do not call or email subscribers each week they have new comics (there’d be far too many!). If you need assistance with keeping track of when your comics are being released, there are numerous websites and apps that can help, such as  League of Comic Geeks.