Oblivion Comics & Coffee is the brainchild of a small group of friends and was inspired by the Oblivion Bar, a pocket universe within DC Comics where conflict is restricted, heroes and villains can congregate with suspended plans, and enjoy a brew together. We want to create a similar place in Sacramento where anyone is welcome, geek or not.
The initial idea came about while we were hanging around a Barnes & Nobles late one night. We had nowhere else to go to discuss our latest geeky obsession and joked about how it would be cool to open our own comic shop. We finally asked the right question, “Why don’t we?”​

After much research, our little comic shop idea became a comic and coffee shop and we concluded we not only had a strong concept, but that it’s a business Sacramento needs. Laura and Neil, two college buddies, decided to move forward by submitting the business plan to the “Calling All Dreamers 2016,”​ Downtown Sacramento Partnership’s annual Shark Tank-style competition, and through hard work, self-sacrifice, and support of everyone who believed in us, we won! From that, we were able to humbly take our win and progress forward to create Oblivion Comics & Coffee, our very own “Oblivion Bar”​ and Sacramento’s newest Geek Hot Spot.


Our overall goal is to revitalize the comic book market and expand our sphere of influence outside of Downtown. It goes beyond excellent service and delicious comfort foods. It is about caring about our industry and the relationships we cultivate within the community. Oblivion welcomes all. After all, they share the same loves we do, comics and coffee.



A geek of a variety of things. Laura loves comics, cosplay, video games, watching and making films, and graphic/web design. She’s also dabbled in a bit of animation, music, and writing. An almond milk latte and vegan blueberry muffin are her first go-to in the morning and she loves that Oblivion gives her the perfect place to share her many passions with others.


He grew up as a Metropolis Comix regular. A graphic designer by trade, bitten by the “entrepreneurial bug” while interning at Capsity. A huge DC Comics fan and regularly has a hankering for sugar donuts and loves Chocolate Fish’s Nitro Coffee.